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Customer Profile

  • 360° customer view: Build comprehensive customer database including demographics, geography, psychographic and behavioral tendencies.
  • Profile Enrichment: Leverage Big Data, Machine Learning & AI to enhance, refine or improve raw data.
  • Customer segmentation: Apply modern technologies and algorithms to analyze and divide customer base into different categories.

Marketing Automation

  • Plan and execute multiple marketing campaigns from a single campaign management dashboard.
  • Custom-made campaign: set up specific target audience segmentation, set automation date and time, customize content templates.
  • Create and run auto marketing campaigns alternatively via multi-channel depending on customer interactive status: Mobile app, OTT, Email marketing, SMS Brandname.

Marketing Analytics

  • Real-time report for ongoing and history report for completed campaigns.
  • Measure and compare effectiveness of multiple campaigns with detailed reports.
  • Analyse customer feedback with Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine and identify the sentiment as positive, negative or neutral.

Lead Generation

  • Build data model based on the existing customer profiles.
  • Use marketing programs and NLP analysis results compared with data model to classify prospects by their lead scoring.
  • Constantly input data to Machine learning system and improve algorithms to increase precision and drive customer conversion rates.

Effortless customer care

Customer database management

Store and update customer data including personal information, transaction history, feedback, inquiries, claims, etc.

Customer recognization

Automatically identify customer to ensure seemless, consistent and optimal experience at every enagement channel.

Customer support

Offer 24/7 assistance via live chat, chatbot, call center.

Loyalty management

Manage membership and issue e-membership cards.

Monitor loyalty programs.

Deliver personalized message and offer to customer on special occasions like birthday, celebrations, events, etc.

Ticket management

End-to-end and real-time process customer issue management.

Ticket allocation system: classify, prioritize and assign incoming tickets, ensuring in-time handling and minimize customer wait-time.

Effective transferring system: directly resolve, transfer to a related technical team or escalate to upper management.

Report and data analysis

Custom reports to gain the right insights depending on the requirements.

Collect data to improve the accuracy of the mechanism, optimizing customer experience and increasing retention rates.

IT Friendly

Instantly deployed & controllable

MOBIO’s solution ensures fast deployment, flexibility and controllability with three operation options: On-Premies, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud.

Highly configurable & customizable

Configure and customize the platform to run any type of marketing and loyalty program fit to your requirements.

Easy to integrate via APIs and pre-built integrations

Connect to other or enterprise’s existing systems including mobile app, B2C/B2B, website, wifi, DWH/BI, CIM, DMS, CRM, ERP.

World-class, multi-layer security

On top of Microsoft Azure’s built-in security, we also incorporate proven industry best practices, test all code for security vulnerabilities before each release, scan network and systems regularly for vulnerability, and perform third party security audits.

End-to-End solution for Enterprise Class


customer journeys and optimized experiences for all channels


your own apps with our mobile framework


to any system including POS, call center, WiFi, or other system using comprehensive REST APIs and pre-built integrations

Fine tune

data to improve conversion rate and identify next best offer

Manage & Monitor

customer data and system performance

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