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A powerful marketing program should deliver the right message to the right audience via the right channel and at the right time.
Mobio’s DMP solutions can give you all the tools needed to accomplish that success and boost customer conversion rates.


The most challenging part of achieving marketing goal is that businesses know little about their customers, therefore they don’t understand their customer’s needs as well as behavior. Profiling module makes sure you can build a complete picture of your customer so as to make more effective approach.

Customer profile foundation

  • Automatically capture and store customer information via every touchpoint along their journey map, including offline store/branch, mobile app, social networks, website, SMS, Email, call center
  • Enhance accumulated data by progressive profiling and profile enrichment in order to build a robust and comprehensive view of the customers and make the most of the information.

Customer segmentation

  • Divide customer base into different categories for effective allocation of marketing resources and designing of marketing plans.

Lead generation

  • Use current customer records and activity history to generate a data model that helps identify look-alike customer (leads) among the new data, split them into high quality leads for sales to follow up and less potential profiles for further nurturing.

NLP & AI Analytics

Uncover the full potential of your data with the world’s most advanced technologies to maximize marketing plan efficiency.

Customer profile enrichment

      • Based on Big Data, Machine Learning, NLP & AI technologies to enrich and merge information collected from various resources.


    • Build customer persona for effective content creation.
    • Identify the products or services your customers are most likely to be interested in for their next purchase.

Customer sentiment analysis

  • Automatically recognize and define customer sentiment as positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Measure marketing campaign effectiveness based on sentimental analysis result then adjust later approach accordingly.
  • Increase accuracy of the mechanism over time by adding and updating data.

Marketing Automation

Configure marketing automation engine to reduce labor-intensive process yet produce desired marketing outcomes at a minimum cost.

Target customer strategy

  • Use database from Profiling Module to generate targeted audience list matching with campaign criteria, optimizing marketing efforts and resources.
  • Select pre-built audience list or create new one for each program, depending on your choice and aims.

Omni-channel marketing

  • Organize and run optimized campaigns across all channels: Mobile app, OTT, Email marketing, SMS Brandname.
  • Build content with rich library of pre-built best practice campaigns that are easily customized or create your own with preview feature.
  • Execute automatedly on multi channels in succession: only launch subsequent channel if customer doesn’t interact or respond via the previous one, ensure marketing content reach targeted customers and minimize cost.

Marketing analytics

  • Offer powerful and real-time report with customizable dimensions and metrics.
  • View all campaigns result no matter what the status: ongoing, completed, scheduled, and cancelled.
  • Measure campaign efficiency, compare between different programs and make adjustments to develop more successful marketing strategies in the future.

Social Networks Management

Social Media has become an inevitable part of marketing. Mobio’s system offers flexible all-in-one management that can help you to utilize this affordable channel to accelerate marketing outcomes.

Multi-networks management

  • Able to integrate with multiple social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, Google+, Youtube, and manage with ease on a single webpage.
  • Automatically capture information and recognize customer interacting via all social networks based on information detected.
  • Gather information to update & enrich database – enhance PROFILING.

Marketing programs implementation

  • Deliver marketing content through all networks at once and view on a single interface, enable time-saving and optimal operation.
  • Overview and evaluate the impact based on user’s comment sentiment analysis and make prompt amendments accordingly.

Smart WiFi

Set up wifi infrastructure to bring your customer convenience, while encourage more visits and achieve marketing goals.

WiFi marketing

  • Offer a variety of connectivity options to gather all the needed data in order to properly communicate with customers and personalize their experience: Log in Facebook/ other social networks; like Fanpage, check-in; watch video; provide information; survey; play games; download apps, etc.
  • Responsive design, adaptive to most common types of devices and screens, ensuring users’ convenience and satisfaction.
  • Customize splash page with pre-built templates to deliver specific content to specific user, such as: business and products education, events, promotions, offers.

Network monitor

  • Make sure WiFi network always stay secured and stable.
  • Offer detecting and blocking feature to remove spam users.

Data analytics

  • Real-time report with a variety of metrics: Number of visits and visitors; Average duration of a session; Return visits and frequency; etc.
  • Multi-criteria analysis (Views, Clicks, CTR, etc) to evaluate effectiveness of marketing efforts.
  • Gather information to update & enrich database – enhance PROFILING.

Digital Marketing Platform

Take advantage of our best-in-class DMP solutions
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Mobio Marketing Platform

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