Customer Experience Management

Drive customer lifetime value across your entire customer base

Customers are the core of every business’s success. How pleased they are with your products and services
would either make or break your business. That is why is it crucial to shape a customer-centric strategy that transforms
the customer experience through all possible touchpoints with your brand along their journey map.

Sentimental Analysis

Comments and feedback reveal the deepest insights about how customers feel. Our exceptional NLP & AI system will help you to understand their key motivations and drivers buried deep inside data.

Key Features

  • Identify customer attitude with NLP & AI technologies to automatically define sentiment of individual text comments/feedback as positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Empower detailed reports and analytics with customizable dimensions and metrics, providing you with a comprehensive picture of how your business looks like in customer’s eyes.

Customer Insights

By bringing together siloed data, you’ll get a holistic view of your customers. It will let you reach out to them in more personal, meaningful ways and engage with them at every step of their journey.

Data collection

Capture and store information via every touchpoint:
  • Smart WiFi: variety of connection options to acquire data (Login social networks; like fanpage, check-in; provide information; survey; download apps, etc.)
  • Social: integrate with multiple social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Youtube), manage with ease on a single webpage and simultaneously obtain information of users.
  • Website/Mobile/Email: capture data when customer access website/mobile app and communicate via live chat/ contact form/ email.
  • Call center: note taking feature for staffs to mannually add or update customer database.

Data enrichment

  • Updating data with new information captured every time customer interact via any channel.
  • Perform progressive profiling to obtain customer information without overwhelming them or turning them away.
  • Apply Big Data, NLP & AI to analyse and enrich accumulated customer information.

Customer segmentation

  • Divide customer base into different categories for better management, better understanding, and better services that match the characteristics of each specific segment.

Customer Expectation Prediction

Provide brands with the power to define what customers expect about your products and services, so as to forecast the impact of your initiatives before investing time and money..

Key Features

  • Utilize sentimental insights and customer database to build different portraits of customer.
  • Enable businesses to proactively choose appropriate approach, orientate customer experience at every touchpoint and deliver ahead of their expectations.
  • Increase accuracy of the mechanism over time by adding and updating data, ensure endless optimization of customer sentimental journey.

Feedback Management

MOBIO’s CEM platform allows you to collect customer feedback from all channels under various forms, then store them under one hood for further analysis goals.

Key Features

  • Gather all types of feedback from multi-channel: ratings, reviews, surveys, comments, private messages, etc.
  • Integrate with 3rd party website/system to acquire feedback on your products and services.
  • Provide advanced capability of create and modify a variety of survey templates.
  • Merge, sync, and centralize all feedback data.
  • Offer ease of tracking and management of feedback.

Ticket Management

Mobio’s CEM platform provides an end-to-end ticket mangement solution that never lets an arising issue fall through the cracks, enables you to deliver world-class customer service without burdening your staffs.

Key Features

  • Offer real-time conversations and quick responses across every channel: Offline, live chat, call center, email, etc.
  • Instantly record, classify and prioritize tickets based on issue types, urgency, sources and status.
  • Allow effective task allocation and transferring between departments, cutting down on the time-intensive, mannual distribution practice.
  • Track every ticket from reception to completion, and then log the data to improve future communications and customer experience.

Loyalty Management

One of the main challenges for businesses is to create a strong bond between customers and the brand. Our platform offers all the tools needed in building a successful loyalty program to bring customers convenience and earn their loyalty.

Loyalty program

      • Quick and easy integration with existed loyalty app or build and develop brand-new system.
      • Unlimited loyalty program setup and creation: membership registration, e-membership card issuance, point accumulation, point exchange, e-voucher issuance.
      • Omni-channel integrations enable customers to earn and redeem loyalty points and rewards across all engagement and ordering channels.
      • Provide authentication feature for loyalty point and voucher redemption, ensure the accuracy and eliminate fraud risk.

Program Administration

    • Provide comprehensive and effortless administration of member profiles, detailed transaction history, interactions, point and voucher redemptions.
    • Manage customer feedback and ratings, push notification with pre-setup rating levels and keywords.
    • Generate advanced report of each loyalty program, enable businesses to compare effectiveness and make amendments for higher efficiency.

Crisis Management

Assist businesses in dealing with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the brand or stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Instantly detect and classify negative comments and feedback.
  • Allow to automatically hide or delete negative or threatened comments containing pre-setup words or content.
  • Push notification to staffs and relevant departments when troubles arise, ensuring in-time resolution and preventing the crisis from spiraling out of control.

Efficiency Management

Effortless task allocation and dynamic reporting system reduce administrative complexity, offer a means of evaluating effectiveness, therefore allow your team to focus more on customers and advance service quality.

Key Features

  • Automatically or mannually assign or reassign a task to an employee or department for follow-up, ensuring all customer issues or inquiries get addressed and keep the staffs on task.
  • Lessen the burden of team management and work allocation, therefore businesses can invest more efforts and resources to improve service and achieve higher customer satisfaction.
  • Keep track of all recordings and interaction history from every touchpoint and communication medium.
  • Detailed reports to evaluate work efficiency, based on which businesses can make proper adjustments to improve customer service and system operation as needed.

Communication Management

Making sure that your customers can reach you anywhere at anytime along their journey map across any available channel is the very first step to guarantee satisfaction.

Customer recognization

      • Automatically identify customer during interaction to ensure unified and consistent communication between different channels, avoiding customer experience disruption.
      • Enable business to offer distinct and personalized messages and services, guarantee higher customer satisfaction.

Real-time interaction

    • Real-time interact with your customers via call center, live-chat or social networks, make sure every customer’s queries get addressed promptly.
    • Leverage smart wifi to engage your customers with messages – discuss the service or just thank them for visiting your business.

    Communication automation

    • Allow to set up auto reply based on keywords and context.
    • Auto hide or delete comments with pre-specified content.

Customer Experience Management

Mobio offers a proven framework for building exceptional CEM system
that delivers consistent and optimal experience to your customers over all points of contact.

Mobio Customer Experience Management

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